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What is the Greenwood Land Network?

The Greenwood Land Network is an association of real estate brokers and their agents who wish to benefit from Greenwood Land Company’s vast experience and marketing expertise in the land business. By signing up as a Greenwood Land Network Member, your listings will receive the same marketing and promotion as our in-house listings. Network member agents will also have access to the experience our team provides in land valuation, wildlife and forestry management, and will join a growing group of insiders in buying and selling the great outdoors.

Why join the Greenwood Land Network?

We are often approached by others in our industry (not just residential agents) to help with land valuation, improvement, management, and promotion. The Greenwood Land Network allows both brokers and individual agents to tap into both our technical resources and our marketing engine. In addition, members will receive our monthly newsletter, and receive discounted pricing on our land resource CD series and our Continuing Education Course. This is specifically beneficial to any agency whose primary business is residential or commercial. Some have, in fact, used it as a selling feature when soliciting listings. “We are a member of the Greenwood Land Network”, can be a differentiator, since land expertise is in such short supply. The Greenwood Land Network is growing to become the connecting point for the land agent fraternity in the Southeastern and Midwestern United States - a true association of land brokers and agents.

How to Become a Greenwood Land Network Member?

Simply fill out the Greenwood Land Network Co-Brokerage and Referral Agreement and provide a list of all property that is subject to the agreement. In addition, for each individual property, a property description form and pictures need to be emailed to Anne Webb at

If you have any questions, please call our office at 706-575-4178 or 1-800-466-1133 and we will be happy to assist you in the process.

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